Floor Scrubbing at DeVoe Cadillac


Before scrubbing                                     After scrubbing

On the weekend of January 23rd, we did a tile floor scrubbing for one of our most valued clients, DeVoe Cadillac. We used several machines with a highly trained crew to scrub the showroom, corridors, service lounge, and the service advisor aisle. If you are thinking of getting the floors done at your facility, go take a look at DeVoe’s, you can see the results for yourself, and maybe get a new car while you are there.

Although the building is only a year and a half old, high-traffic floors such as the one in dealerships, need regular maintenance,  more than just daily mopping. The machine scrubbing gets out all the oil and grime that builds up from car and foot traffic. It gives the floor a beautiful new shine, like when it was first installed. It also makes the floor last longer. Floor scrubbing makes the daily mopping more effective and of course, makes the floor look as beautiful as it should.